Ancient Wisdom I

A sound of the ancient Americas from the Mesoamerican region. Artists include Ricardo Lozano, Jorge Ramos and Xavier Quijas Yxayotl who hand make the instruments of ancient Mesoamerica, including traditional Aztec and Mayan clay instruments, flutes, drums, rattles and wind instruments built according to ancient manuscripts.

Cover illustration drafted by Ricardo Almendáriz in 1787 during the first excavation of pre-Columbian Maya ruins at Palenque in Chiapas, Mexico

LoveU live on the MPC Live

Playing my beat, “LoveU” live on the MPC Live. Been finding some beautiful records around town so I wanted to share one of the beats that grew from one of those records. The main samples in this tune are from a FIRST PRESSING of a vinyl gem from 1973. Don’t forget to hit the HD setting on the video

Slam Academy Beat Battle


Mega stoked to participate in this Beat Battle hosted by Slam Academy. Preliminary battles are going down every Sunday this month, with the final happening on 10/29. I’ll be completing my preliminary battle on 10/22 so that means lots of digging and arranging are in my forecast until that date. All info about this Beat Battle can be found here