AKWIUS Clever Girl 12″ EP out today

On this EP, AKWIUS utilizes a grimey, bass focused hybrid of rave and post rave theories to explore moods of the current dystopian utopia from a Mexican American perspective and push beyond boundaries of contemporary rave aesthetics. Limited edition vinyl is highly recommended for the full experience and is available exclusively through the Upper Realm bandcamp site here

Totem Eye T-Shirt

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 3.51.05 PM

This design is inspired by the tradition of the Totem as a symbol for a family, clan, lineage or tribe. The symbol is created from a re-arrangement of the letters that spell AKWIUS, forming a new high-tech tribal graphic suitable for the future. You can find the specific shirt featured in the photo here. This design is also available in various Women’s, Kid’s and Men’s sizes and colors here.