Familiar Things


Out of appreciation for the fantastic vibes and anticipation for the new installment I grabbed the Stranger Things soundtrack on vinyl and chopped some of the main theme up for a boom bap style flip. The title is of course a play on the title of the show but also I was trying to incorporate that feeling during a psychedelic journey, when you’re pretty deep and seeing these important things around you and they seem familiar yet slightly distant in a way like they are of a slightly different reality. Available for free download here

Slam Academy Beat Battle


Mega stoked to participate in this Beat Battle hosted by Slam Academy. Preliminary battles are going down every Sunday this month, with the final happening on 10/29. I’ll be completing my preliminary battle on 10/22 so that means lots of digging and arranging are in my forecast until that date. All info about this Beat Battle can be found here

Field Recordings: Gravel Pit


Didn’t realize how profound these recordings would be at the time but I can’t stop using them in my beats these days. The sound of crunching and tumbling gravel has such nice character, discovered at a gravel pit while on vacation in Petoskey, MI.

Totem Eye T-Shirt

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 3.51.05 PM

This design is inspired by the tradition of the Totem as a symbol for a family, clan, lineage or tribe. The symbol is created from a re-arrangement of the letters that spell AKWIUS, forming a new high-tech tribal graphic suitable for the future. You can find the specific shirt featured in the photo here. This design is also available in various Women’s, Kid’s and Men’s sizes and colors here.

Space download via XLR8R

This ambient chill-out tune, built from a mix of guitar loops and electronics has a bit of a double meaning, referring to both travel through the final frontier and also the space between people whether it be a physical, emotional or time-based distance. Check out the article at XLR8R here


This tune is all about that stomping through the woods and paddling a canoe down a nice tree covered river type vibe. Mellow and slightly psychedelic in nature.